Finally CRUD

I finally completed the CRUD on David. A simple one of course, but a functional one.

The last commit on SVN was about the delete action, that was developed using a simple AJAX call with jQuery and modal dialog to proceed with the operation.

I have also other pending items to commit in the SVN, like the search and a PDF version of the entry…but it’s too late, tomorrow I’ll do it.


Quite CRUD…

I’m a little stuck with jQuery and CKEditor but finally I understand how to POST a full HTML entry, as you can see from the image below

I say “quite” because I don’t develop the DELETE operation. I have a doubt about the best solution using a JS call (jQuery, sling.js).

Anyway I updated the SVN with these changes.

First commit on SVN

I published a first commit on SVN of googlecode.

It’s a simple example for the moment, but I think that step by step it will evolve towards something interesting.

You can find it in google code :

I have some doubts about different things so I hope the sling dev list will help me 🙂

Too much content…

I’m creating the setup of Apache Sling on my desktop pc at home, because the laptop is too slow. But unfortunately I haven’t a speed connection so I launched mvn install at 14:30 and I’m waiting to complete…too much content 😐

First ideas

In this period I explored Apache Sling features and now I’m starting with GSoC project.
When GSoC will end, I’ll organize these posts to create a useful guide.
I also opened an account on Google code ( where I’ll syncronize my project.
David, the name I decided for this Mini CMS, will firstly have basic features:
  • Autentication for different user with different level
  • Administration panel to create/edit/delete content (there are a lot of JS WYSIWYG editor). The content can also have file attachments
  • Standard view of CMS (anonymous), with the possibility to populate different panel with different content (like a portlet container)
In addition to these basic features, I’ll add something interesting among the Apache Sling features (a lot!!).
  • Notification when some documents are modified (JCR observation)
  • ATOM and RSS feed of entries
  • Search in the entries and in the attached files (Lucene integration works ad default with Sling?)
  • A stupid tag cloud for the entries submitted
  • Also a synchronization of entries with svn as you told me (using a library like SVNKit
  • Future ideas…
The trip starts 🙂